Young Graduate, Welcome To The Job Market!

Congratulations to you on obtaining your degree from college/university. After your years of 'burning the night candle', now is the time to put what you've learnt into practice. Yes, I know your are very eager to do so... but where are the jobs?

Well, the reassuring news is that, with the unemployment rate very high in most countries, some very good vacancies arestill avaiable in many organizations. Depending on your course of study, you may just hit it big right away. But how do you go about searching for that dream job?

Well, information about job vacancies can be obtained from various sources. This can be from an advert posted offline by the company, via Internet search engines like Google, or simply via a referral from a friend or a headhunter. Sometimes, a job applicant simply submits an application by logging into the company’s website for contact details and online application form.

The first step that a job applicant needs to take is to send an application, containing his/her resume or CV, as the case may be, to the chosen company.

In my next posts, I will deal extensively with how you can determine the job that is best for you, how to prepare a 'professional' resume or CV, how to prepare for the job interview, etc. After, going through all my posts, I strongly believe that you will be ready to face the world!

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